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A review of the Marcus Wallenberg International Symposium 'Capturing the Senses: digital methods for sensory archaeologies'
Here you can find a brief account of the symposium recently held in Lund.

Prof Gary Lock at DARKLab
On Monday May 22nd Prof Gary Lock will give an open seminar titled: "Humanising archaeological GIS" ...

'Capturing the senses: Digital Methods for Sensory Archaeologies'
Marcus Wallenberg International Symposium organized by Giacomo Landeschi (Lund University) and ...

4D recording at the trowel's edge!
Don't miss our new article about 4D recording at the trowel's edge on the Journal of Archaeological ...

The Sydsvenskan talks about the DARKLab!
"So 3D technology revolutionized archeology - Lund researchers are pioneersDigital technology for ...

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