Interactive Visualization System & Interactive Reporting System


The Interactive Visualization System  displays 3D data and essential information on excavations: it allows free exploration and interaction with the 3D models and mapped information through dedicated tools.  Data from the diverse excavations of Södra Sallerup, Västra Vång, Vambåsa, Gribshunden, and the Domsten Bronze age urns, are published using IVS.

The Interactive Reporting System  is a 3D web platform for creating dynamic archaeological reports. IRS presents the data of the multi-year investigation of Kämpinge, a Mesolithic site in southwestern Skåne. It was also employed during the pandemic crisis to support digital courses for Masters's students in archaeological practice.

The Interactive Reporting System is available for the Kämpinge Project, as a part of Paola Derudas’ PhD project "Documenting, Interpreting, Publishing, Reusing", with the goal of defining and designing new forms for the publication of archaeological excavations through the application of targeted technologies. Despite the widespread use of innovative 3D data storage and management tools, indeed, text-and-image reports are still the main source of information on archaeological research, and it is quite difficult to access this kind of information by means differently.
Through the use of a web-based platform, the three-dimensional contents of the four Kämpinge excavation campaigns are published online, dynamically merged and integrated with the other media produced, becoming crucial elements of the interactive narrative.This interactive publication, that was customized according to the specific needs of the project thanks to the great possibilities for the online publication of three-dimensional contents already available, is part of a series of platforms implemented in the DARKLab website.