Södra Sallerup Interactive Visualisation System


3D recording and visualization is standard practice at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at LU. This approach is currently used within several field projects to support documentation, data management and data analysis. 

The 3D data collected in the field are archived in the faculty server and are made available to researchers and students through the Lund University Digital Archaeology Laboratory DARKLab website (www.darklab.lu.se).

The Interactive Visualization System is part of an ongoing dissertation project which investigates how the application of targeted technologies could contribute to the definition of new forms of publication of archaeological research.

Through the Interactive Visualization System it was possible to publish online the data collected and produced during the two excavation seasons by undergraduated strudens

The Södra Sallerup Interactive Visualization System allows to navigate and explore the statigraphy and the excavation progress.

When the Interactive Reporting System will be complete, it will replace the Interactive Visualization System.