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25 August 2021

Before the summer, the Dynamic Collections project published 300 artefacts recorded in high resolution from the reference collection of the Lund University Historical Museum. The 3D collection was…

24 July 2021

Students excavating
7 July 2021

11 June 2021

Archaeological collections are crucial in heritage studies and are used every day for training archaeologists and cultural heritage specialists. This article presents the preliminary results from our…

10 June 2021

The LMK‑stiftelsen interviewed Nicolò Dell'Unto about how new technology can open up completely new possibilities in archaeology. 

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28 April 2021

Sharing archaeological knowledge: The Interactive Reporting System. Journal of Field Archaeology, 1-13. available in Open access…

7 April 2021

The last decades have seen a renewed interest in the study of argumentation in archaeology. This study shows a novel Inference to the Best Explanation-based model for recording archaeological…

7 April 2021

A project conducted at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University, in collaboration between the Digital Archaeology Lab (DARKlab) and the Humanities laboratory has allowed to…

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31 March 2021

The WEB3D 2021 call for papers is out! Special track: "ONLINE LEGACIES AND CULTURAL HERITAGE". Plus: interactive posters, tutorials, Go and check the details. …

10 February 2021

Paola Derudas, our PhD candidate in Archaeology, joined the Digital Research Service (SNR) of the Department of Research and Study at the National Institute of Art History to work with web-based…