New AIR for the archaeological process? New article on the online system from Paola Derudas' research

Published 1 May 2023

A new article by Paola Derudas, Federico Nurra and Andreas Svensson published in the journal of computing and CH presents the Archaeological Interactive Report (AIR), a web-based system to handle archaeological excavation data and it's connected multiple media from the field to the publication

The management of archaeological excavation data has been the subject of scientific debate in the last decades: critical elements have been identified, such as maintaining analytical data and the derived knowledge entangled, and other relevant aspects, like data curation, accessibility, and long-term preservation, have emerged. This study describes, illustrates, and evaluates the use of the Archaeological Interactive Report (AIR), a cutting-edge information system designed to manage excavation data that is oriented toward the 3D web semantics. AIR is a web platform for recording archaeological investigations live, an online archive that incorporates the complete dataset of the investigations, and a multimedia visualization system providing a 3D environment for data analysis and assemblages, testing interpretation hypotheses, and publishing dynamic editorialization outputs. AIR is applied and evaluated within the case study of Västra Vång (southeastern Sweden), demonstrating that it is possible to use a flexible ontological data model tailored to the archaeologists’ needs.

You can access the system here:

and read the full article here:

Paola Derudas, Federico Nurra, and Andreas Svensson. 2023. New AIR for the Archaeological Process? The use of 3D web Semantic for Publishing Archaeological Reports. J. Comput. Cult. Herit. Just Accepted (April 2023).