Users policies

Policy for Internal and External Utilization of the Research Infrastructure at DARKLab


DARKLab is committed to providing equitable and efficient access to its resources, fostering a productive and inclusive research environment. As we continue to develop our utilization policy, set for completion before the end of 2024, we aim to align it meticulously with DARKLab's mission to promote advanced research and education, while ensuring fair access to our state-of-the-art facilities.

Development Process

The policy is being crafted with input from a diverse group of stakeholders, including faculty, researchers, and external partners, to ensure that it reflects the needs and priorities of all users. A draft will be circulated for feedback and refined through a series of consultations to guarantee that the final policy is comprehensive and clear.

Resource Allocation

Prioritization Criteria: Access to equipment and resources is prioritized based on several key factors:

  • Strategic research relevance to Lund University's core scientific areas.
  • Urgency and academic significance of the projects, especially those with impending deadlines.
  • Educational impact, prioritizing PhD and Master’s students involved in thesis work.
  • Enhancement of DARKLab’s research impact through external collaborations and significant publications.

Usage Guidelines

  • Operational Protocols: Detailed instructions for each piece of equipment will be available both online and onsite to ensure that all users can operate technologies safely and efficiently.
  • Training Requirements: Mandatory training sessions will be conducted for high-end equipment to maintain safety standards and operational efficiency. Certifications from these sessions are required to gain access to specific tools and resources.

Feedback and Policy Adjustment

  • Continuous Improvement: We actively encourage users to provide feedback on all aspects of our facilities and services. This feedback is crucial for the annual review and continual improvement of the utilization policy.
  • Annual Policy Review: The policy is evaluated annually against user experiences and changing research landscapes. Adjustments are made to ensure that it remains responsive to the needs of our diverse user base and aligned with DARKLab's strategic objectives.

Communication and Accessibility

  • Policy Accessibility: Once finalized, the policy will be widely accessible through DARKLab’s digital platforms, including our website and dedicated user portals. We will also hold informational sessions to guide users through the new policy details.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Regular updates on the policy development process will be communicated through community meetings and the DARKLab website to ensure transparency and broad participation in the policy refinement process.


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