Accessibility and use

Policy for Accessibility and Utilization

DARKLab is currently experiencing rapid growth, and as a result, we are in the process of establishing a clear and comprehensive policy for accessibility and utilization. This policy is being meticulously designed to maximize the efficient use of the facility while promoting equitable access among all users. Although the full policy is not yet finalized, we are actively working to establish robust procedures and guidelines that will govern access to the lab’s resources, including user prioritization, and equipment handling protocols.

Key Elements Under Development:

  • Usage Guidelines: Interim guidelines for equipment use and data management are currently enforced to ensure responsible use. These will be seamlessly integrated into the forthcoming official policy.

Accessibility for Internal and External Users:

  • Internal Users (Lund University Researchers): Until the finalization of our utilization policy, DARKLab continues to provide access through an interim system designed to effectively meet the needs of all university researchers. This system is carefully managed within the lab's capacity to align with ongoing research priorities and strategic objectives. Resource booking may incur costs for more extensive support, which is structured to ensure equitable access.
  • External Users (Other Universities, Companies, Institutes): Access for external users is facilitated on a case-by-case basis, coordinated through existing collaborations and agreements that define the terms of use, scope of access, and duration. These arrangements are aimed at fostering productive partnerships and extending the lab’s reach into the wider academic and industrial communities.

Communication and Engagement:

  • Updates and Information Sharing: As we develop the formal policy, DARKLab keeps all stakeholders informed through regular updates via the lab's website, and social media platforms.
  • Outreach and Engagement: We are actively increasing our outreach efforts to engage a wider audience and encourage new collaborative research projects, particularly those that can benefit from the lab’s unique capabilities in 3D visualization and digital archaeology.

Support and Training (Interim Provisions):

  • Provisional Training Sessions: DARKLab offers provisional training and support based on current practices, which will be adapted and formally integrated into the new policy framework.

Monitoring and Adjustments:

  • Operational Accessibility: Usage patterns are regularly monitored to ensure optimal access and equipment availability, guiding the development of the final policy to best meet user demand.

Fee Structure (Pending Policy Finalization):

  • Internal Users: Currently, no fees are charged to internal users to promote broad and equitable access for all Lund University researchers. However, costs for more extensive support may be included.
  • External Users: Fees for external users are temporarily structured to cover basic operational costs, pending the official policy which will detail a comprehensive fee structure based on equipment use and service levels.
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