This research was generously supported by the Thora Ohlsson’s Foundation. We also wish to thank The Lund University Historical Museum ( and the Blekinge Museum ( for letting us access the collection for this project.  We also want to thank our student interns Jake Clarke, Samantha Day, Michael Harris, Filip Johnstone, Margaret Muth and Hanna Rosenborg for the excellent work and support in the project (2019–2020).


Project partners

Lund University Digital Archaeology Laboratory- DARKLab

Visual Computing Lab, National Research Council of Italy  Institute for Information Science and Technologies "Alessandro Faedo" - ISTI 

Historical Museum at Lund University

Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University

Blekinge Museum

Project participants

Fredrik Ekengren, Lund University

Domenica Dininno, Lund University

Nicolò Dell’Unto, Lund University

Marco Callieri, CNR: National Research Council of Italy

Birgitta Lastow, Lund University

Paola Derudas, Lund University

Danilo Marco Campanaro, Lund University

Viktoria Hörnlund, Lund University

Project coordination  

Nicoló Dell'Unto and Fredrik Ekengren

System development 

Marco Callieri


Marco Callieri, Fredrik Ekengren and Domenica Dininno

Data acquisition and post processing

Domenica Dininno

Data Publication 

Marco Callieri

Web contents

Marco Callieri, Paola Derudas and Danilo Marco Campanaro


Dynamic Collections is an initiative of DARKLab, Lund University, and Visual Computing Lab, ISTI-CNR.  Online System: Copyright (C) 2020-2021 - Lund University, ISTI-CNR. All rights reserved. Objects data, metadata, paradata: Copyright (C) 2020-2021 - Lund University, Historical Museum at Lund University, Lund University Digital Archaeology Laboratory- DARKLab, Blekinge Museum. All rights reserved.


for citing this work:

Callieri, M., Dell'Unto, N., Dininno, D.& Ekengren, F. (2020)  Dynamic Collections: A 3D web infrastructure designed to support higher education and research in archaeology - "